DBT Workbook for PTSD
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DBT Workbook For PTSD

Proven Psychological Techniques for Managing Trauma & Emotional Healing with Dialectical Behavior Therapy | DBT Skills to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Men & Women

Transform your mind and manage your PTSD with a proven path toward emotional healing and psychological well-being.

Packed with authentic advice, powerful anecdotes, and practical strategies designed to help readers work through the trauma and emotional turmoil associated with PTSD, this groundbreaking DBT workbook shares an actionable path for working through PTSD and reclaiming your life.

If you often suffer from nightmares or insomnia, or if you struggle with panic attacks or anxiety disorders, this DBT Workbook For PTSD provides a breath of fresh air. Author Barrett Huang reminds you that you’re not alone on this journey and that with the right tools, it’s possible to face your trauma head-on, escape the lasting impact of PTSD, and emerge a happier, emotionally grounded person.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Breaking Down The Hidden Psychology Behind PTSD (And How It Can Change The Way Your Brain Works)
  • Proven PTSD Treatments & Techniques, From DBT To EMDR and More
  • Exploring The Function & History of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Its Powerful Tools For Managing PTSD
  • Step-By-Step Strategies For Implementing DBT Skills Into Your Daily Life
  • Practical Worksheets, Exercises, & Routines For Managing PTD Symptoms
  • Bonus Tips For Unlocking a Healthy, Rejuvenating Sleep Routine
  • And So Much More…

Are you ready to take a deep dive into PTSD? Then grab your copy today.

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The DBT Anger Management Workbook

A Complete Dialectical Behavior Therapy Action Plan For Mastering Your Emotions & Finding Your Inner Zen | Practical DBT Skills For Men & Women

Unlock a proven path to anger management and master your emotions with this powerful DBT workbook for personal growth.

Jam-packed with practical exercises and worksheets, personal anecdotes, and profoundly authentic advice, this comprehensive DBT workbook seeks to empower readers of all backgrounds to overcome anger, master their emotions, and unlock an inner source of zen and mindfulness.

If you struggle to stay calm, or if you’re prone to freakouts or explosive outbursts, this book sheds an illuminating light on the topic of anger management, providing a refreshing perspective that will empower you to begin – or continue – your journey to enjoying a less angry life. This book encourages you to uncover the hidden sources of your anger, overcome the shame and frustration that accompany it, find the strength to be more vulnerable, and start healing the emotional scars that anger causes.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Breaking Down The Fundamentals of DBT – and Why This Revolutionary Therapy Could Be The Key To Overcoming Anger
  • The 4 Foundations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy For Anger Management
  • Exploring The 10 Different Kinds of Anger (Which One Do You Suffer From Most?)
  • Essential Anger Worksheets To Identify Your Triggers
  • Real-Life Tools To Help You Defuse Anger Situations and Stop Yourself From Blowing Up
  • Valuable Exercises & Worksheets For Coping With Anger and Preventing Rage-Inducing Scenarios Before They Begin
  • Healthy & Constructive Ways To Communicate Your Anger and Develop Your Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • A Practical Path To Living a Less Angry Life
  • And So Much More…

Are you ready to begin your journey to overcoming anger? Then grab your copy today!

DBT Workbook for Teens
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DBT Workbook For Teens

A Complete Dialectical Behavior Therapy Toolkit | Essential Coping Skills and Practical Activities To Help Teenagers & Adolescents Manage Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Phobias & More

Unlock the power of Dialectal Behavior Therapy and arm your teen with the tools for emotional success with this complete workbook for managing anxiety, stress, fear, ADHD, and more.

Specially crafted with a warm, heartfelt, and friendly tone, this practical activity book explores the proven benefits of Dialectal Behavior Therapy, along with how we can best equip today’s young people with the emotional tools they need to achieve balance, stability, and wellness in their lives.

Drawing on a powerful mix of psychological insights, user-friendly advice, and fun project sheets to help you on your journey to a happier life, the DBT Workbook for Teensseeks to dispel the mysteries around DBT and provide parents and teens alike with an invaluable tool for personal and emotional growth.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • Exploring Mental Illness and The Power of Dialectal Behavior Therapy
  • Practical Methods For Managing Stress, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear
  • Heartfelt Real-Life Anecdotes and Inspiring Personal Stories From Teens Around The World
  • A Collection of Practical Action Plans To Help You Implement Everything You Learn
  • Tools For Managing Phobias, OCD, Self-Harm, and Eating Disorders
  • And Much More…

Are you ready to help your teen thrive with the power of DBT?

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DBT Workbook For Kids

Fun & Practical Dialectal Behavior Therapy Skills Training For Young Children | Help Kids Recognize Their Emotions, Manage Anxiety And Learn To Thrive!

Empower your child’s emotional growth and help them explore their feelings with this complete Dialectal Behavior Therapy workbook for kids!

Bursting with a ton of fun and straightforward exercises that inspire children to think about their feelings, this practical Dialectal Behavior Therapy guide offers an engaging way for parents to help their kids cope with stress and navigate times of emotional difficulty. Balancing a warm and lively approach with proven psychological insights and a collection of easy worksheets, the DBT Workbook for Kids breaks down complex topics into simple language that children of all ages can understand.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • Breaking Down Anxiety – What Does It Really Mean?
  • A Fun Guide To The World of Dialectal Behavior Therapy
  • Engaging Stories, Quizzes, Exercises, and Plenty of Inspiring Quotes
  • Powerful Techniques For Overcoming Fears, Phobias, PTSD, and Panic Disorders
  • DBT Tips For Managing OCD, Selective Mutism, and Repetitive Behaviors
  • The Surprising Ways Dialectal Behavior Therapy Can Help Parents
  • And So Much More!

Are you ready to inspire your child with DBT?

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DBT Workbook For Adults

Develop Emotional Well-being with Practical Exercises for Managing Fear, Stress, Worry, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Intrusive Thoughts (Includes 12-Week Plan)

Overcome anxiety and embrace your emotional well-being with this ultimate DBT workbook for adults.

Do you often struggle with persistent feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear? Have you tried CBT and other forms of therapy, but you haven’t seen much success? Are you searching for a detailed and highly personalized roadmap for cultivating your well-being and embracing psychological health? Then keep reading.

Combining a wealth of practical exercises with an actionable, authentic, and heartfelt blueprint for inspiring personal change, this Dialectal Behavior Therapy workbook for adults seeks to shine an illuminating light on the topic of DBT, empowering readers everywhere to overcome whatever struggles they’re facing. Drawing on the author’s extensive personal experiences dealing with anxiety and OCD, you’ll find the best methods for managing feelings of stress and worry – along with a safe, honest, and open place to explore your anxiety and work towards creating positive change.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Exploring The Fundamentals of DBT – and Why It’s So Different To Other Forms of Therapy
  • Practical Exercises and Skills For Dealing With Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
  • The Art of Boundary-Setting (and Why Having Clear Boundaries Is Essential For Your Wellbeing)
  • Detailed Action Plans For Tackling ADD and ADHD
  • How To Confront Phobias, Panic Disorders, and PTSD
  • Tips and Tricks For Managing Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
  • A 12-Week Action-Focused Workbook To Track Your Progress and Examine Your Emotions
  • And So Much More…

Are you ready to begin your journey with DBT?