Boundaries Workbook For Kids By Barrett Huang

Fun, Educational & Age-Appropriate Lessons About Personal Space, Respect & Consent

Learn to Set Healthy Boundaries at Home, School & Online (For Ages 8-12)

Empower your child to protect their personal space and set healthy boundaries with this fun, interactive, and educational workbook!

Are you a parent who wants to make sure your child knows about personal safety? Do you want to give them the confidence they need to set healthy boundaries? Or do you want to explore key topics like consent, bullying, private parts, and appropriate vs inappropriate touching in an age-appropriate manner? Then this book is for you!

Lovingly crafted with dozens of fun lessons, stories, coloring pages, and worksheets, this adorable book helps boys & girls ages 8-12 learn about the value of establishing body boundaries and protecting their personal space. Following the story of two adorable kitten siblings Tibby and Zip, this enjoyable workbook invites children on a journey to learn essential life skills, develop their body awareness, and keep safe both online and off.

With age-appropriate material to help young kids differentiate between safe and unsafe touches, the Boundaries Workbook for Kids serves as a valuable resource for any parent or caregiver who wants to make sure their children are equipped with the tools and understanding they need to speak up, protect their personal space, establish safety rules, and say “no” when anything makes them uncomfortable.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Your Magical Bubble – A Child-Friendly Introduction To Establishing Boundaries
  • Who Can Enter Your Personal Space? Simple Lessons For Consent, Self-Respect, & Good Touch Vs Bad Touch Differentiation
  • Valuable Lessons To Help Kids Identify Their Feelings, Express Their Emotions, & Build The Confidence To Say “No”
  • Listening To Your Gut – Setting Boundaries At Home, School, Online, With Friends, & When Meeting Strangers
  • Practical Worksheets & Fun Exercises To Build Self-Esteem & Help Kids Understand The Facts of Life
  • Plenty of Cute Stories, Lovely Illustrations, & Interactive Worksheets That Teach Social Skills & Body Awareness
  • And So Much More…

Hear what readers are saying

As a must-have support & prevention book for any parent who wants to protect their child from harm or exploitation, or who wants to instill in children a healthy respect for their bodies and emotions, the Boundaries Workbook for Kids is a brilliant tool that arms kids 8+ with the knowledge they need to recognize boundary-breaking warning signs, assert their personal space, and respect their own feelings.

Are you ready to join Tibby and Zip as they learn all about their personal boundaries? Then scroll up and order your copy today to dive in!

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